Harmonized qualifications in inland navigation
In the past few years efforts are made by various European organisations (e.g. EDINNA, CCNR) for the development and implementation of common standards of training and certification in inland navigation.The emergence and implementation of such Europe-wide harmonized standards require collective drive and determination. Workforce access to same education and future mobility possibilities calls for a common and well-coordinated endeavour.
To complement ongoing actions, HINT consortium steps in to support current initiative of the European Commission on the recognition and modernization of professional qualifications in inland navigation whose main objective is to remove the barriers between the EU Member States with regard to free movement of persons and goods across Europe.

HINT partners will then continue to promote the outcomes of this initiative and disseminate at national level all related information among end users, social partners, education and training institutions and regulatory bodies.

Promotion workshops are to be organized throughout HINT participant countries and feedback of attendees collected for future inclusion into the relevant EU policy support documents developed within the project.

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