Danube Simulators
A quasi hands-on experience can also be acquired by inland nautical and port personnel by using training navigation or logistics simulators.In order to come up with comprehensive simulator concepts, existing ones have been analysed by the project partners and further compared to the ones used in the maritime sector or even in aeronautics in terms of bridge, radar, Electronic Chart Display Information System, engine room, safety equipment, simulated manoeuvring and transshipment operations.

Training requirements for Danube navigation and logistics simulators were established based on the knowledge and experience of HINT partners but also on the statistics provided by the Danube Commission (e.g. types of ships to be simulated, navigation routes, navigability in dangerous areas).

Final concepts provide information on the training programmes which need to include practical modules carried out on simulators as well as objectives and duration thereof.Estimated costs and funding possibilities for the implementation of such simulators are also determined and identified.

Danube Navigation Simulator Concept
Port and Logistics Simulator Concept
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