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Danube Knowledge Network Group on LinkedIn
Posted by Annonymous on October 08, 2013 | 0 Comments
In order to provide a dynamic framework for transnational cooperation to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and transfer of best practices, HINT Consortium created the Danube Knowledge Network Group on LinkedIn ( which not only introduces its members to each other but also provides further networking possibilities between the education system and the labour market, between public and private companies, between relevant river organisations and policy makers.

European commission initiative on the recognition and modernisation of professional qualifications in inland navigation
Posted by Annonymous on July 15, 2013 | 1 Comment
In March 2013, the European Commission launched an initiative on the recognition and modernisation of professional qualifications in inland navigation.
The goal of the initiative is the removal of barriers between EU Member States for exercising professions in the field of inland navigation, thus subscribing to the main goal of the EC common transport policy of the free movement of persons and goods across the EU.
Thus, between March 26th and June 21st interested parties could fill in a well-targeted questionnaire approaching following issues: existing administrative and legislative barriers preventing labour mobility, necessity of local knowledge requirements and recognition of service record books and implementation of standard inland navigation communication phrases.
HINT consortium stepped in and contributed to the consultation process by translating the questionnaire into Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Croatian and Slovak languages (available at
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